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Clarus Risk partnership with risk management specialist SLIB goes live

Press Release

Global, February 27 2024 

SLIB, the post-trade software vendor, and Clarus Risk, an Apex Group company focused on risk management solutions, announces the roll-out of RiskMonitor within SLIB’s RMS (Risk management Solution) platform.
The RiskMonitor platform is designed to provide improved governance and transparency on multi-asset risk exposures to enable greater efficiency within the brokerage market. This innovative solution addresses demands for a flexible, multi-asset risk engine designed to strengthen counterparty risk exposure monitoring, across asset classes and trading venues.
RiskMonitor’s API solution utilises a multi-asset Monte Carlo VaR (Value at Risk) risk engine aligned with industry central counterparty (CCP) trends towards VaR based, rather than legacy SPAN margin algorithms.
Alongside this, RiskMonitor integrates cutting edge risk solutions to provide an innovative solution to the sell-side marketplace. Growing market volatility and fragmentation has made the need for comprehensive risk management solutions ever greater, especially for sell-side market participants.
Commenting on today’s announcement, Max Hilton, Managing Director at Clarus Risk said:
“We are delighted with our collaboration and partnership with SLIB. We are excited to begin working with SLIB’s RMS platform and about the potential for addressing counterparty risk via the RiskMonitor API.”
Philippe Ruault, CEO, SLIB stated: “We are pleased to announce the launch of our first common client with Clarus Risk. This new model enables SLIB’s RMS to enlarge its offering in both securities and listed derivatives products. »

About Clarus Risk
Clarus Risk, an Apex group Company, is a fintech business founded in 2011 to provide first class risk and regulatory risk reporting via the RiskMonitor® platform. Clarus Risk services fund management companies and fund servicers via managed services, Software as a Service (SaaS) and API with offices in the UK and Spain.

About SLIB
SLIB, a BNP Paribas and Natixis subsidiary, is the leading software vendor in register management & electronic voting, risk and post-trade markets. SLIB supports the evolution of securities markets in France and abroad, by envisioning and releasing innovative software solutions. These enable financial institutions to streamline their processes, while mastering the risks associated with their activities. SLIB is also a Votaccess Operator, the cornerstone of Electronic Voting for Paris Stock exchange issuers and Account Keepers, delivering General Meetings notifications and collecting Digital Votes.


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